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Joe was born in Paradise, California in April of 1963. He was very driven and excelled in every sport there was, including Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Soccer. His natural talent was noteworthy but it was his dedication that kept him practicing for many hours a day that set him apart. At the age of fifteen, Joe was told that he could go to any College he wanted and receive a full ride scholarship and inevitably play professional Baseball. 


His life was shaken after his parent’s divorce and he got into trouble and turned to a crazy lifestyle. He was raised on a bar stool and on a church pew at the same time. Later on in life, Joe wisely chose the church pew. Though his detour left him with scars, those same scars have been used to help others heal.



With the same tenacity that Joe gave himself to sports, he gave himself to God. Joe has devoted himself to prayer, fasting, and reading God’s word. He has become a very skilled prayer warrior, intercessor, teacher, and carries a special anointing to minister to people with a broken past. He is also a highly sought after teacher on shame and unresolved issues of the past. He has witnessed the transformation of many people’s lives through his ministry.


Joe started writing songs when he was seventeen years old. The joy he gets from writing and singing songs is indescribable. His deepest desire is to be a blessing to others in hopes that one song can touch just one heart. His songs have reached many hearts and have been played all over the world. His music is timeless and appeals to every age and culture. His lyrics carry the heart of God and leave a touch of heaven on every listener.


Joe is not only a gifted intercessor and minister of the word, he is also a faithful husband and dedicated father. He first saw a photo of his wife to be while visiting with a friend. He asked his friend who it was and his friend said she attended his church in Rio Dell. Her name was Crystal and she was known for her delicious cooking, singing, and her incredible work ethic. Joe looked at his friend square in the eyes and declared that he was going to marry this girl in the photo. His friend laughed but to his surprise, only eight months later, they were married. His love for his wife and family echo the heart of God just like his music and ministry.

Joe & Crystal Ludwig
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