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Discomfort - 11/25/20

To the people of God........

Not what the news is telling you but what is the spirit telling you?

I challenge you to get alone with Jesus and see what he has to say about all of this. I believe you would hear Him say as I have my way in the whirlwind, so am I having my way through all that you are facing. If anyone should be an example during this time it should be a Christian.

Yes, there are a lot of inconveniences right now, but we must realize God is taking our conveniences away to get us ready for the greatest harvest this world has ever known. Ask yourself this question:

Am I willing to be disturbed or uncomfortable, or God forbid anything else to have to trust Him?

Until they say you cannot preach in that Name (Jesus) or cause you to walk contrary to God's word. Then I think it's time that we endure for the sake of the harvest and the gospel.

The church wins regardless. Just stay in the church.

If you're going to grumble, grumble on your knees in prayer then listen very closely to what the spirit has to say!!

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