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Forgiveness- 5/30/18

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

Unforgiveness is the most damaging sin of all. We are most like Jesus when we forgive. Unforgiveness is just as damaging if against others, yourself, or God.

You may say, "I can forgive others, I just can't forgive myself". But consider this: if the God of the universe has forgiven you, who are you to hold it against yourself? The apostle Peter asked Jesus how many times should I forgive my brother? Jesus replied Seventy Times Seven. That's a lot of forgiveness, but Jesus was just using that as a figure of speech meaning there is no end to forgiveness. Do you think the God of Heaven who requires us to forgive will ask you to do something He would not be willing to do himself? That gives me great hope. This does not give us an excuse to sin, but rather a greater desire to please Him.

People don't fall out of love, they fall out of forgiveness. If we will continually forgive, we will continually love. Hand in hand love and forgiveness walk with each other.

Forgiveness is not a one-time event it is a way of life. Repentance is how you get your miracle, forgiveness it's how you keep it.

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